Wear are CatConcept.

Our mission here at CatConcept is to reevaluate the world of pet products. We are continuosly exploring new ways to create and offer a better, cleaner and safer variety of sustainable cat products. Our CatConcept team is here to help recommend what is healthy for your cat and good for the environment.

Fun toys for cats

Awaken your pet’s primal instincts.

CatConcept offers an ever-expanding range of cat toys designed to keep your cat active and healthy.


Know what to do when it matters most.

Clearly descriptive situations and case studies that give you more confidence in dealing with your cat when you fear something may be wrong. The advisory book series by Dr. Michael Streicher.


Healthy eating

Healthy, tasty and natural.

We offer special snacks that are great for any occasion. Combine treats with toys and games to keep your cats active.

Personally selected for your cat.

Our CatConcept Team have selected all of the products on this website. We are confident that your cat will love the our product selection, We pay special attention to environmentally friendly packaging and CO2-neutral shipping. "CatConcept is constantly working to improve the ecological footprint of our products." (Co-founder - Shawn)